Absolute Muse Audio Player

Created by: MuseGain.com - $19.00

The Absolute Muse Audio Player is what you need to enrich your Muse website with gorgeous audio tracks. Whether you need a simple audio player or you wanna add an advanced player with a playlist, this widget is the right solution for you. As its name suggests, the Absolute Muse Audio Player comes from our Absolute series whose mark is limitless design freedom. There are almost no settings to design, you can easily customize every single aspect to create a full functional and unique audio player. Place each element exactly where you want and choose the icons, fonts and colors that best fit your style. The Absolute Muse Audio player allows to create a fully customizable playlist that is syncronized with the audio player. This means that the image and the information about the playlist track (track name, author, duration, current) which is currently playing are automatically displayed on the audio player. Its features also include auto playing and loop playing.

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