AIR Responsive Push Menu

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Muse Responsive Push Menu widget allows users to have a fully customized responsive menu that can be designed by using any text box and/or state button.ՂÕ_

The width can be defined as static (pixel based) or Responsive (changing as the browser size changes). Any text box or State button can be used as container for the menu buttons and the menu triger, which allows users to customize the button with noՂÕ_limit, there can be images, icons, texts, and/or any object that can be placed in a state button, unless it is another third party widget. There are so many other features in this Muse widget such as the push effect, Grayscale/Blur effects, and two customizable breakpoints.


  1. Using State-Button & Text boxes for the menu buttons, and the trigger.
  2. Responsive width, with a breakpoint (optional).
  3. Pushing the page when it is opening (optional).
  4. Applying Grayscale or Blur effect on the page when the menu is open (optional).

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