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Style tabular data from a comma-separated file into tasteful tables right inside your Muse project.

  • Create separate paragraph styles for Table Header, Table Data and Table Control Elements to coordinate your table with the rest of your Muse project.
  • Lots of style options inside the widget's flyout panel, including border and row styles, hover options, default sorting... all kinds of fun things.
  • Any time you want to update the data in the table, simply update the file you added inside the widget. The table on your site will update automatically!
  • Once the site is published, visitors can click on a column header to sort the table as they wish. Visitors can even drag and reorder column headers.
  • "Show / Hide Columns" lets visitors, um, show or hide columns.
  • Display the entire table, or configure the table to scroll inside a configured container, or enable "pagination" for visitors to see 10, 25 or 50 rows at a time.

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