Fullscreen Video Slideshow Cover

Created by: MuseForYouShop.com - $9.00
The Fullscreen Video Slideshow Cover widget allows you to add a fullscreen video slideshow over your entire website. The video in the slideshow is fully responsive and changes size when resizing the browser. Once the user scrolls they will see the website below the slideshow. You can choose between 1-6 videos for the slideshow.
Features Include:
  • Videos are fully responsive and change size when resizing browser.
  • Select from 1 to 6 videos.
  • Add .webm and .ogg files for browser fallback support.
  • Add a poster image for devices that do not play video automatically.
  • Choose from 74 animations for the slideshow in and out animations.
  • Add links to the videos.
  • Add a color overlay over the videos.
  • Add a title and description over each video.
  • Set the duration of each slide in the slideshow.
  • Loop video.
  • Mute Audio in video.
  • Enable slideshow controls.
  • Enable slideshow dot navigation.
  • Autoplay slideshow.
  • Lightweight for your website
  • Works with Responsive Design and Adaptive Design in Adobe Muse.
Simply add the widget to your Adobe Muse website, add videos, style with the widget options, and done!

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