Absolute Muse Slider

Created by: MuseGain.com - $19.00

The Absolute Muse Slider is a multi-purpose and fully responsive content slider that will help you grab the visitor's attention and make your site stand out. Try it to offer a products tour on your ecommerce, highlight new content or display a photo gallery. With hundreds of stunning animations to choose from, this marvellous widget will let you shed the light on images, stories and all kinds of content you need to put above everything else on your site. The Absolute Muse Slider is created with the Muse native tools so to give you high usability and the freedom to customize every detail in the slider to match your website style. You’ll be able to animate everything in your slider with many transiction effects to choose from. You can have a different transition for every slide in the show and choose from six text animation effects with the delay option to make text appear at different times. That’s not all. Our Absolute Muse Slider is fully compatible with the MusexPress Frontend Editor: you and you customers will be able to edit the slider’s content instantly everytime you want without no need to open up the admin panel (please note that you need to have the MusexPress and the Frontend editor plugins installed to this purpose).

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