Muse Jam: Publishing Options in Adobe Muse

Muse Jam: Publishing Options in Adobe Muse,
January 25, 2017 In this week's Jam session Christopher Kellett of and Dani Beaumont will break down the process of integrating dynamic data features from the Adobe Business Catalyst Content Management System (CMS) into a published Muse site. The workflow will include inserting modules into your Muse design, changing site layouts quickly and easily, and customizing the integrated design by editing global CSS style sheets. Familiarity with Muse and Business Catalyst highly recommended.

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May 3, 2017

Adobe Muse allows you to build websites that are optimized for the ever-growing range of high resolution devices. In this session Principal Product Manager Dani Beaumont will take you through a wide variety of optimization features from defining a HiDPI site, to determining how to control content load on a per-breakpoint basis, to working with source content like typefaces and scalable vector graphics (.svg) to assure your website will load as quickly as possible with the greatest degree of clarity

Muse Jam: Working with Creative Cloud Libraries

Recorded March 22, 2017

The release of Creative Cloud Libraries with Adobe Muse opens the door to organizing and sharing assets like never before. You can now seamlessly browse and reuse creative assets like colors and graphics from applications like Photoshop and Illustrator, or mobile tools that have the Creative Cloud panel. Join Dani Beaumont as she takes you through the workflow. After the presentation we'll open up the floor for any questions you might have with the tool

Muse Jam: The Power of Widgets

Recorded March 8, 2017

Now that Adobe Muse supports the responsive feature set building out interactive elements with Muse widgets takes on a whole new meaning. Principal Product Manager Dani Beaumont will take you through specific tips and tricks using the built-in Muse widget library in the new responsive world along with a quick glance at 3rd party widgets from the community. After the presentation we'll open the floor up for any questions you might have with the tool.

Muse Jam: Responsive Typography

February 8, 2016

Good design almost always begins with a solid understanding of typography. If you've been in the business for a while you probably think you've got that nailed -- well think again! In this session we'll take a look at how to implement traditional typography using modern web techniques with specific emphasis on responsive design. We'll feature work from Aaron Lawrence of Pivotal Labs. This is a session you won't want to miss.