Muse Morph SVG Morphing

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Muse For You has teamed up with GreenSock to offer you one the most advanced and sophisticated Adobe Muse widgets out! With the Muse Morph widget you can create unique morphing transformations between SVG elements. This widget works in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator. Simply create your SVG elements in Adobe Illustrator, and paste the SVG code into Adobe Muse. After that you can use the widget to customize the morph animation.
Features Include:
  • Create a single morph between two SVG elements
  • Morph up to 9 SVG elements in a sequence
  • Use Shape Index technology to select at one point you would like the SVG to morph
  • Change the color of each SVG as it morphs
  • Change the duration of each morph
  • Select the easing for each morph
  • Repeat morph
  • Infinitely loop morph sequence
  • Reverse play morph
  • Set a delay between each morph
  • Add play buttons
  • Works in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator
  • SVG responds to the browser width - fully responsive
  • Works in Responsive Design and Adaptive Design in Adobe Muse
  • Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile
Trigger Morph:
  • On Load
  • On Hover
  • On Click
  • On Scroll
Simply create your SVG elements in Adobe Illustrator, copy SVG code into Adobe Muse, add widget, style with widget options, and done!

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