Muse Online Shop

Created by: Responsive Muse - $19.95

We are so excited to publish the new Muse Shop WidgetåÊso you can easily create a Muse E-commerce.
A muse shop widget was the request in our website with more votes. We heard you and we developed it! an easy E-commerce using paypal is now available for you.

You will see two different widgets:
You need to drop one instance of museshop-shopping-cart in your page and one museshop-product per each product you want to set up.
In the main widget (museshop-shopping-cart) you will configure shop and Paypal general settings.
In the product widget (museshop-product) you will configure each product settings.
Users will introduce their data in Paypal platform, where you can check payments and get their delivery data.
Paypal allows users to pay with their Paypal balance or credit card.

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