Page Slider

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An adobe Muse add-on for navigating trough individual pages that are designed in Muse.


Page Slider gives you a fully customizable navigation; all the navigation features such as tooltips, arrows, and menu buttons can be fully customized to match the design. You can also choose which page comes first; all the sections have sort order number and can be sorted manually. Also it gives you the control over transition, speed, and navigation type, you can choose between 12 different easing styles, have customized speed for transition, and enable keyboard navigation.

* Scrolling feature might not work on some versions of Firefox


Responsive Image Widget | Changes the size of the image on different devices.
Responsive Text Widget | Changes the font size on different devices
Extra buttons | Gives the option to have unlimited number of buttons


1. Add unlimited sections, and up to 12 slides for each section.
2. Comes with 3 additional widgets (Responsive text, Responsive Image, Additional button)
3. Each section and slide can be designed as an individual page,
4. Menu buttons for each section (fully customizable)
5. Tooltips to navigate trough slides and sections (Fully customizable)
6. Next/Previous arrows to navigate trough the slides. (Fully customizable)

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