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MusexPress is the first and only one solution to connect Adobe Muse with WordPress admin Panel. You can create your website in Muse and manage your subscribers in WordPress! And this is only the first feature. Our team is working on new fantastic modules to connect the power of WordPress with your Adobe Muse website. And if you are a MuseGain member, you can get this for freeÉ! Restricted Area You can add infinite Muse pages that are visible only for registered users. You can define the roles of your users and choose the level of the page they can view in your Muse site. Manage Users After registration you (and your co-workers) can manage your users. The admin can create, edit and delete all users, generate a new password and change profile informations. All Forms With MusexPress you can add all registrations forms in your Muse website (Registrations, Login and Password Recovery). You can customize all forms (colors, fonts and style). Add Roles You can add different roles for each user (administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber). If you have different user roles you can create a different visible page in your Muse site for each category. System Messages We have created a complete System Message after every single action on Muse Forms. ItÕs very important for your customer to conclude the registration process with success. You can edit every message. Next Feature MusexPress is only at v.1.0. Our team is working on new fantastic features to connect the power of WordPress with Adobe Muse. In the coming days we will release new addons and make them available only for our members. What's included One custom WordPress Install ZIP file (only this copy works with our widgets) One per-designed website (.Muse files) to help you with configuration The customizable Muse Register, Login and PW Recovery Forms (.Mulib) One Script to convert all html pages in .PHP automatically How can I buy it? MusexPress is FREE only for members. Is not possible to buy it individually. To download it join us an take over 150 Adobe Muse Widgets & Themes plus everything else that we release for an entire year! Get 100% instant access to all of our products and priority support for only $69.

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