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A very advanced and very easy-to-use Adobe Muse widget that allows creating any responsive grids designs in Muse.


  1. Responsive width (just by resizing and moving the widget in the design mode).
  2. Responsive and proportionally adjustable height.
  3. 3Unique lightbox with images and videos.
  4. Responsive text, Scalable text, and vertically centered text.
  5. Hover effect (can be defined for each copy separately).



The main purpose of the widget is to create responsive grids and include images and videos to be opened in a lightbox. SMART can be placed as an object with/without responsive width or height, and it can also create responsive/scalable text. SMART is very easy to use, it is smart enough to find for all the copies in the page and then it includes them in the lightbox. It can also combine images and videos to create a multi-purpose lightbox.

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